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cool autism research: it exists


i’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now seemed like a good time for me to channel my energy into a constructive outlet such as thissssss. because like…you guys. most of the time autism science is “autism” “science” and it’s pathetic, but sometimes autism science is AUTISM SCIENCE and it’s faaaabulous. 

FIRST: Laurent Mottron, Michelle Dawson and Co. 

I will openly admit to being obsessed with their friggen’ lab and all the friggen’ research they do ever. I have an entire file compiled of great research they’ve done recently here, but I wanted to directly link to a couple of my favorites: 

"Veridical mapping in the development of exceptional autistic abilities" 

  • My favorite scientific article ever written concerning autism. Hands down. No holds barred. I can’t talk about this enough. I’ll warn that it’s pretty theoretical, but it’s also fucking right. It explains and backs up theories and guesses I’d made as to how my brain organizes information. I am in love with this article. 

"Learning in Autism""The Level and Nature of Autistic Intelligence"

  • If I were the kind of person who called things “required reading” (I’m not) I would call these articles required reading. In however many years, someone somewhere will be teaching a class on Neurodiverse Science and these articles will probably be right at the top of that class’s reading list. 

SECOND: Gernsbacher Gernsbacher Gernsbacher

The classy queen of sassy. Here is her file (less well stocked than the Mottron file, my apologies, but I highly reccommend that you go to the “research” page on her lab website, as she provides most of her work for free download, like the cool lady she is). And, again, two faves:

"Infant and toddler oral- and manual-motor skills predict later speech fluency in autism"

  • It ain’t necessarily flashy, but the experimental work and cumulative findings Gernsbacher lays out in this article are a coup d’etat for self-advocates and non-speaking autistic people in particular. 

"Mirror Neuron Forum"

  • I called her the classy queen of sassy for a reason. If you ever wanted to know how to completely demolish internationally prominent neuroscientists in a battle of citations and scientific rigor…this is basically a masterclass.

i call this section “smackdowns”

"Are systemizing and autistic traits related to talent and interest in mathematics and engineering? Testing some of the central claims of the empathizing–systemizing theory"

"Are the Autism and Positive Schizotypy Spectra Diametrically Opposed in Empathizing and Systemizing?"

"Evidence for a Cultural Influence on Field-Independence in Autism Spectrum Disorder"

"Reflecting on the mirror neuron system in autism: A systematic review of current theories"

"Similar Brain Activation during False Belief Tasks in a Large Sample of Adults with and without Autism"

"Susceptibility to the Audience Effect Explains Performance Gap Between Children With and Without Autism in a Theory of Mind Task"

actually interesting/cool individual articles:

"Adults with autism spectrum disorders exhibit decreased sensitivity to reward parameters when making effort-based decisions"

"Anthropomorphic bias found in typically developing children is not found in children with autistic spectrum disorder"

"Seeing the Unseen: Autism Involves Reduced Susceptibility to Inattentional Blindness"

that’s all i have put together for the moment! if you that have trouble with the science/psychology theory jargon, gernsbacher’s work is generally pretty readable, as are a number of the articles from Mottron/Dawson that are first-authored by Dawson (see “Learning in Autism” and the “Level and Nature of Autistic Intelligence” ones).